Serious Performance Gainer®


Released from the duty to register as RDC No. 27/2010.

Serious Performance Gainer® is a hypercaloric that supplies 3,750 calories prepared with water and 4,500 calories prepared with skim milk.

Contains 50g of proteins from 4 different protein sources: Isolated Whey Protein, Concentrated Whey Protein, Casein and Albumin.

Supplies 253g of carbohydrates (simple and complex).

Its full formula also contains: Glutamine Peptides and Betamino BCAA for muscle recovery and catabolism protection; FOS (Inuline / Oligofructose) which is a 100% natural fiber; TCM (Middle Chain Triglycerides) which is a vegetable oil extracted from coconut that increases caloric ingestion and is sweetened with Sucralose [Splenda®].

Suggested Use:
Add 2 scoops of Serious Performance Gainer in the blender with 710 ml of cold water or skim milk. If you want, add ice and other ingredients. Blend it at high speed for 45 to 60 seconds or until well mixed.

Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Cookies'n Cream..

3 kg.