Amino Science Liquid 2222g


Released from the duty to register as RDC No. 27/2010.

Amino Science Liquid 2222g has 22 grams of protein per serving in its formula, in its best absorption form, being exclusive, because it contains the three combinations of aminoacids: Branched chain aminoacids, Free form and Peptide Chain. 

Free Form: responsible for the immediate absorption upon ingestion, supplying instant energy. 

Peptide Chain: provides assimilation with extended duration, keeping protein levels in muscles high during training. 

Branched Chain: has a higher amount of BCAA, responsible for 30% of rebuilding of muscle fibers, acting after exercises, during rest, besides being an anticatabolic. 

Hydrolyzed Collagen: is a collagen extracted from bones and skins of bovine animals type I.

Suggested Use:
Take one serving (four and a half table spoons) before or after training, or between meals, or according to the orientation of a nutrologist physician or nutritionist.

Grape and Chocolate.

474 ml (16 Oz) and 948 ml (32 Oz).