Crea PeptoŽ Endurance Fuel



Released from the duty to register as RDC No. 27/2010.

CREA PEPTO® provides 3g of Creatine Monohydrate per serving: This is the daily dosage recommended by ANVISA (Brazilian Agency of Health Surveillance). Creatine is a product produced to complement creatine endogenous reserves.

CREAPURETM: Is a registered trademark of AlzChem Trostberg Gmbh - Germany.

CREA PEPTO® is tasteless, odorless, pure and blends instantly.

Suggested Use:
Combine one serving (½ scoop - 3g) with 250ml water or your favorite drink. Intake of one CREA PEPTO® serving once a day is suggested 45 minutes prior to any physical exercise.

150g, 300g and 600g.