Founded in 1987, with the purpose of catering for the needs of the Sports Nutrition segment. Performance Nutrition has currently a full product line in all product categories: Concentrated, Isolated and Hydrolyzed Proteins; Powder and Liquid Aminoacids; Hypercaloric, Protein Bars, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Products for Endurance Sports and other modalities.

We started our trajectory as importers of several international brands of nutritional supplements; along these years we acquired know how, experience, technology and broad international relationships. In 1999 we started our industrial operation. Today we are able to develop products with formulations that are more advanced than those of the products currently imported, surpassing them in technology and manufacturing processes, because most international brands do not manufacture their own products, they outsource manufacturing, not having full control over the process, as opposed to our production line, in which we monitor each phase of the productive process.

We are located in Santo André - SP in a 4,000 square meter area, in which products are developed upon scientific research and following the newest trends in the global market.

Today our Business Partners are Multinational Companies which supply raw material from international origin. We also count on a team of expert professionals from development to quality control, because health and quality of life are an integral part of our company mission.

By acquiring a product by Performance Nutrition, you acquire a Nutritional Complement that meets the standards demanded by the Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária [Brazilian Agency for Health Inspection] - ANVISA, and that it was manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (BPF or cGMP - current Good Manufacturing Practices) offering consumers a product with the SCIENCE NUTRITION concept.

The SCIENCE NUTRITION concept is based on providing consumers with “Functional Benefits” to health, scientifically confirmed, besides promoting a healthy and safe nutrition.