What are Aminoacids?

Aminoacids are the units that compose proteins (1 gram of protein is composed of 1,000 milligrams of aminoacids). These are nutrients utilized in the building and maintenance of muscle tissue, constituting about 20% of the body weight, and they provide the muscle the conditions for rebuilding, recovery, growth and good performance. That occurs immediately after training, when the muscle is especially receptive to nutrients and the blood flow for the muscles worked out is kept high. Besides participating in the synthesis of proteins, aminoacids participate in other important biological processes, such as the formation of brain neurotransmitters. Recent studies suggest that certain aminoacids may play important roles in the enhancement of the immune system and in the protection against cancer.

What series of exercises should I do?

We suggest that you make an evaluation with a Physical Education Professional, because we are not certified to do that job.

Which Nutritional Supplement should I take?

We suggest you see a Nutritionist or a Nutrologist Physician, in order to check the needs of each individual, since various aspects must be analyzed, such as sports activities, weight, height, etc…

What products provide for lean mass (muscle mass) gain?

The products aimed at lean mass (muscle mass) gain are products rich in proteins or aminoacids (which, by their turn, are nothing but protein components), which act directly on the regeneration of muscle cells harmed during physical exercises, providing muscle tone and definition. That is why they are best absorbed right after the exercises having better efficiency when administered within up to 20 minutes upon training. The Performance Nutrition products for the construction of lean mass are: AMINO SCIENCE LIQUID 2222 g, BETAMINO BCAA 1000 CAPS, BETAMINO BCAA 5000 POWDER, BCAA SCIENCE 1000, BCAA SCIENCE 1000 TABLETS, ISO WHEY PROTEIN, BIO WHEY PROTEIN, EGG´N WHEY PROTEIN and SOY PROTEIN.

I would like to receive further information about Performance Nutrition products.

We inform that on our website www.performancenutrition.com.br, under the PRODUCTS link, you will find this information, including formulas, ingredients and posology.

What are Food Supplements?

These are nutrients extracted from food sources such as milk whey, soy, egg and beet. They must be utilized as a complement of meals for athletes who search for nutrients and specific quantities to supply their daily needs